Wow, What a Place to Work!

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Where can you find an office of techies, each smarter than your average bear, with more degrees than a Harvard reunion, working at an innovative and energetic software company?

I’ll give you a hint – this isn’t the vaunted Google workplace.

And no, it isn’t SAS, this year’s #1 on the Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for.

What on earth am I talking about? Jinfonet Software, a Maryland based reporting software vendor.   With Dr. Bing Yao, legendary in the world of database access and query processing, at the helm, Jinfonet Software has quietly crept up alongside the big boys.

As Sales Director Robin Davies so aptly put it: “One of the great things about Jinfonet is when we talk to prospects who have never heard of us, but it turns out they have used JReport without knowing it.  We often meet people who have used JReport through Visa, IBM, HP or one of our other partners and have been impressed with the reporting capabilities, but had no idea it was JReport.”

Complementing a lot of company pride, Jinfonet’s open door culture motivates employees and drives the company.   “Its great to work for a company so open to ideas,” said Marketing Director Ben Taylor, “We have technical people coming up with Marketing ideas and Sales people making feature requests!  It’s great to see these ideas be quickly implemented, and see the impact they have on the company.”

There is a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and customer service, according to a 2005 study by Ford, McLaughlin and Newstrom published in the Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism.  Given Jinfonet’s exciting and receptive work environment, its no wonder the company is a world leader in reporting solutions.

While an array of fresh bagels can’t compare with Google’s three free gourmet meals, as Sales Representative Aaron Warren says “It’s great to work at a company where we have people from all over the world! It makes for an interesting culture and we get to try lots of different types of food!”

-Samantha Small

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