Visualizing Data in Real Time with Live Charts

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Making sense of large, complex data sets requires timely, actionable tools and solutions. With advanced data visualization, you can quickly pull the right information from your data in order to make better business decisions.

Visualizing data using different types of visual elements such as traditional line, bar, bench and pie charts is good, but these present a static view of your data. These charts do not show how the data changed over time or how it changes in real-time. Add the dimension of time to your visualizations with Live Charts. Below are examples of these dynamic visual elements supported by JReport.

Motion Charts:
With motion charts, data is not just limited to two dimensions (i.e., X and Y axis), a third dimension is represented as the bubble size, and a fourth dimension of time is added through animating the data. Data points can now grow and shrink as they move across the XY plane, giving you a new way to view your data trends.

motion charts 

Scrollable Charts:
For huge sets of data on the X-axis, scrollable charts come in handy so you don’t have to view all your data at once. Scrollable charts make it easy to navigate your data by letting you choose a start point and end point for your data. You can even drag this data range along the X-axis to navigate different subsets of the data.

In the image below, you can see under the chart there is a start and end point selected which enables only that data range to be shown within the chart.

scrollable charts

Real Time Charts:
Data can also be visualized in real time. Simple point your chart to a data source, set a refresh rate, and start to monitor your data in real time. The example below shows real time stock information.

Real Time Charts

With JReport, you can add these Live Charts to your reports and dashboards, connect them to any data source (relational, cloud or Big Data) and start visualizing data in new ways today.

Download & See Live Charts in Action with JReport

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