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It’s time for part two of our pre-launch series on the anticipated new version of JReport, set to be released this summer.  Combining Jinfonet’s history of reliable reporting products with the latest in technical innovation, JReport 10 has optimized business reporting.  In part one, we discussed the new Interactive Reporting Engine and its impact on scalability and performance.  Now let’s address the increased usability factors made possible by this new architecture.

Web Report Studio

The responsive click-based reporting tool simplifies report viewing and enhances the user experience.  Users can sort, filter and select parameters with a single click to view an immediate on-screen response. Report components can share the same data set so they will all be immediately updated synchronously.  Simple layout changes such as moving, deleting and resizing columns are all accomplished instantly within the browser. With a clear, easily accessible interface, “what-if” reporting is only a click away.

Web Report Wizard

In today’s online environment users are accustomed to instant gratification.  With a few clicks of the mouse we have immediate access to an enormous amount of information and services.  Your business reports are now just as quick and easy to formulate.   Essentially an extension of the web experience, the Web Report Wizard allows users to create their own reports through a Wizard interface on their browser.  By simply clicking through basic screens, a new report can be drafted on the fly.


JReport can generate reports with both AJAX and Flash, taking maximum advantage of the capabilities of Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) for enhanced usability.  The asynchronous data exchange allows the client-side browser to react with greater efficiency, improving user perception of response time. Using RIA’s, portions of the screen can be updated individually, rather than having to wait for the entire page to refresh. Faster onscreen results and richer interactive actions translate to enhanced user experience and better productivity.

With JReport 10’s Web Report Studio, Web Report Wizard, and AJAX and Flash interactive capabilities, business reporting has never been easier!  Increased performance and usability ups the ante for reporting software. Our teams of Business Intelligence experts are here to help take your organization to new heights. To view a demo or request a trial version of JReport please calls 240.477.1000 or visits us at www.jinfonet.com today!

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