Top Notch Customer Relations

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How the customer benefits from a nimble organization:

As part of Jinfonet’s customer facing organization it is great to be able to get management decisions quickly, especially when it helps customers and prospects.  Coupled with market leading technology we use this flexibility and responsiveness not only as a competitive advantage but more importantly to help the customer tailor our solutions to their current and future needs; both from a technical and commercial perspective.  We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and as a sales executive this really helps us with customer relations.

Truly seamless software:

Working for a software company that focuses on a few things but does them exceptionally well, I enjoy working with other ISV’s on helping them enhance their solutions.  Delivering actionable information is a key for any software vendor.  It is a pleasure working with progressive ISV’s who leverage our world class business intelligence solutions to bring their reporting to life.  Many of them invest in minimal training and are off and running, as JReport integrates so seamlessly with their core applications.  Couple this with Jinfonet’s willingness to really understand their business models and match our commercial structure to theirs and you have a great basis for a sustained, mutually beneficial relationship.

Bruce Walter

Jinfonet Software

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