SQL Reporting – Made Easy With JReport

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Creating SQL reports on your business data is a snap with JReport. No reliance on IT, no complicated tools. Just drag and drop in the visual elements you want, point them to your data sources and your data is ready for action. SQL reporting has never been easier.  SQL Reporting Service with JReport

Self Service SQL Reporting
Reduce dependency on experts by quickly developing new reports and dashboards on your own, on the fly. Custom report creation is as easy as drag and drop or walking through a wizard. On-screen sliders, filters and drill-downs allow you to interact with and narrow down your dynamic data, eliminating the need for extensive training and IT involvement.

Ad Hoc Analysis
Visual Analysis is a tool that enables Ad hoc Analysis which allows users to easily transform their data visualizations. With visual feedback and on-screen drag and drop actions, users can look at data from different perspectives instantly resulting in faster discovery of actionable information. The intuitive Visual Analysis UI is simple to learn, even without any training. Visual Analysis provides an immediate benefit with a self-service approach to data visualization and exploratory data analysis.

 Bar Chart visual analysis

Visual Analysis – Bar Chart
 Visual Analysis - Line Chart

Visual Analysis – Line Chart

Rich Visualization
Mash up charts, tables, crosstabs, maps and external components from different data sources. You can pull data from different sources (even Big Data) all into the same dashboard. Choose from component templates or customize them based on what you want.

Seamless Integration
Bolster your application’s data analytics with reports and dashboards that truly integrate into your architecture. 100% Java architecture makes deployment as easy as dropping in an EAR/WAR file and an extensive API set ensures seamless integration. Reports can be customized to match the exact look and feel of your host application, while adhering to your corporate policies.

All these features make creating SQL reports and dashboards a cinch with JReport.

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