Self Service BI: Empower Your End Users

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Are you looking to provide your end users with self-service BI? Look no further than JReport and join us on Wednesday, July 18th at 2PM (EST) for a webinar highlighting JReport’s powerful ad hoc solution.

JReport provides a highly intuitive ad hoc reporting experience for end users and requires little to no training. End users are empowered to make new reports from scratch or modify existing report templates using drag-and-drop report layouts and step-by-step Wizards to guide them through the process. Ad hoc reporting enables end users to customize reports to better suit their analysis needs.

JReport’s ad hoc solution is also highly interactive. Users are able to discover more from their data, allowing them to get answers to their business questions by applying one-click interactions including drill downs, filters, sliders, and more to components such as tables, crosstabs, and more than 40 chart types and styles. Users can visualize data from multiple different perspectives to do things like analyze key metrics, spot trends, diagnose challenges, and gauge performance.

This upcoming webinar presentation and live demo will highlight all of these features and more so sign-up today and learn why companies like IBM, Target and Visa are embedding JReport into their mission critical applications!

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