Service Evaluation Concepts Switches to JReport

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Today we announced reporting solutions for Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC). Rather than rehash the full story, let’s cover the basics:

Who is Service Evaluation Concepts?
They’re a Customer Experience Management company that performs market research, utilizing field force to gather customer touchpoint experience intelligence.

What kind of reporting do they need?
With custom designed surveys for auditing the experience, SEC requires ad hoc reporting to deliver data visualization to clients, accessing a fully normalized data structure that allows reports to be leveraged across all of their projects.

Why wasn’t their former solution working?
SEC switched to JReport because of a need for enhanced dashboards to demonstrate business analytic data directly with their clients. The former solution proved difficult in finding competent help to create the reports and could not support SEC’s need for customizable dashboards. The total cost of ownership was economically inefficient.

How does SEC use JReport?
SEC maintains all intelligence information via Microsoft’s SQL Server DBMS. As data compounds, SEC is able to thoroughly report on KPI’s and determine how they affect company financial metrics, thus helping to ensure that customer’s brand value proposition is aligned with real life customer experiences. With JReport, SEC will be able to better convey survey results and directly improve their service offering and value proposition.

What is SEC’s favorite part?
JReport is 100% Java and standards based, so that they will be able to utilize this product from mobile platforms like smartphones and the iPad while maintaining platform independence on the reporting server. With this capability, SEC customers will be able to view reports and dashboards on their new mobile platform called “Smart Agent.”

“With Jinfonet’s professional training and support, it is easy to create the desired reports and dashboards,” said Arcadio Roselli, CEO of SEC.

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