Rich Visualization for Powerful Reports

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Being able to express data in a way that is easy to read and interpret can mean the difference between success and failure when dealing with critical metrics. Reports and dashboards with actionable, up-to-date information are a major asset in business today and JReport is an end-to-end solution able to provide powerful reporting enterprise-wide.

Advanced visualization makes data easier to understand and JReport has many visualization-centric features to help users express their data. For example JReport provides users access to a wide variety of drag-and-drop components including crosstabs, tables, and 40+ chart types and styles that can help them to bring data to life. 3rd party widgets like Google Maps for example, can also be integrated as part of a report or dashboard for analysis.

Once components have been selected and added into the report or dashboard, end users can easily perform “What-If” analysis on them by using any of JReport’s intuitive interactive functions.  Using on-screen filters, sliders, accessing linked reports, or drilling deep into data users can uncover hidden trends, analyze performance, and identify challenges. JReport even automatically synchronizes components with user interactions report or dashboard-wide ensuring a consistent data view for users with every action they perform.

JReport provides a highly actionable BI framework by offering users the ability to look at singular aspects of their data as compared to each other and to the complete picture of their enterprise all within the same report or dashboard. The above features are just a few of many that help JReport users to fully visualize and interact with their data to make better decisions in a more timely manner.

Click here for an online demo to see JReport’s Advanced Visualization in action!


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