Industry Focus: Retail Business Intelligence Reporting

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Implementing your own in-house reporting and retail business intelligence solutions might be a good starting point for some organizations. But application developers soon discover the challenges of managing large data stores, serving a growing concurrent user base, and giving those users a self-serviceable set of tools to develop their own BI. Turning to established retail business intelligence vendors when the capabilities and performance of these homegrown systems are exhausted could be your best bet.


Some companies in the retail space certainly fall into this category. Specifically, retail companies that specialize in inventory management need a way to provide interactive self-service reporting and dashboarding to their users. Here, existing solutions might run static reports, taking up to 10 minutes to generate each time. Immediate benefits can be realized with an embedded retail business intelligence solution solution by customizing these into dynamically interactive reports and by bringing down report generation times to mere seconds per report. Pushing out quicker BI with real-time data empowers users with intelligent and accurate business decisions.

Like most companies with vast data stores, retailers are very concerned with security. They need to ensure that their existing security systems are aligned with any tool or product introduced into their environment. With flexible single-sign on, LDAP integration and security options, BI can be embedded into existing application frameworks for a seamless deployment.

Employee time is valuable. When IT is spending more time setting up BI solutions and developing reports for users than true IT innovation in the data center, businesses slow down and users become frustrated. With embedded BI, rather than holding users’ hands through the process, IT can now empower users with their own BI work – Power users and end users alike can create their own ad hoc reports, dashboards, and perform their own data analysis.

Business intelligence helps companies in the retail space, but a robust, mature BI solution also alleviates their security concerns, wasted employee resources, poor static reporting, and overall inefficiency. Retailers can instead focus on inventory management, supply chain, and their core competencies.

To learn how your company could leverage retail business intelligence in the same way, contact us today.

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