Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting

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Our September webinar is just around the corner, and this month’s topic is Ad Hoc Reporting.

The powerful ad hoc function in JReport helps to extend traditional reporting by empowering applications with interactive reports via the Web, and reaching beyond the pre-defined, static data snapshots that traditional reporting often provides. Based on report building blocks set in place by developers, end users can easily create and modify reports on the fly and interact with their reports by changing data groupings, sorting, filtering, and drilling up, down, or across data directly from their browser. Additionally, with ad hoc reporting, users are able to define and run custom ad hoc queries that generate reports containing only the information desired by the end user.

If your users are constantly asking you for new reports or changes to existing ones, or if you just want to learn more about ad hoc, this webinar is definitely for you! The ad hoc environment in JReport is completely actionable for end users enabling them to dynamically modify and drill through report data to glean useful business information, discover trends, and manage performance. JReport offers a seamlessly embeddable, 100% Java reporting solution able to generate reports that enable quicker decisions and more immediate actions.

Join us on Wednesday, September 21st at 2:00 PM EST as we discuss how JReport allows end users to create new reports or customize existing ones using ad hoc reporting, all with little to no training.

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