Q&A: Easily Create & Modify JDashboard to Improve Data Visualization

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This week brought more exciting news about JReport 10.1, our newest product release! In this version, users are able to easily create and modify reports using the new JDashboard feature, vastly improving data visualization! Yesterday’s webinar touched on many of the new features that JReport 10.1 will be bringing to our users and brought to life JDashboard through a live demo.

Did you miss out on seeing the Webinar Live?  Watch it on-demand or read on for the highlights from our live Q&A session:

1) Can JDashboard be viewed in Flash? JDashboard does support Flash. Today we showed everything using AJAX in the demo, which is compatible with Apple’s iPad and other similar products. But, in the June 22nd Webinar, we will be showing Flash in all of the components within the dashboard. Each of the library components can be displayed in the AJAX style you saw in this webinar or in Flash which is coming soon in Version 10.1

2) What is enhanced about your web services? Since Version 10, we have supported the WSDL Web Services 2.0 but we found out many web services are still running on Web Services 1.1, so to maximize the flexibility for our customers we now support both WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 and you can use either one of these. This allows more connectivity to web services so that no matter where your data is located it can be accessed with JReport.

Don’t forget to register for our next Webinar, showcasing more of JDashboard our new dashboard reporting tool for enhanced visualization. This presentation will demonstrate building reports with JDashboard and touch on more new features including Flash reporting as well as the extensive Component Library. Register now for June 22nd!

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