Looking Back at Q2

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This quarter marked the release of JReport 10.1, a product update that delivers many new features including JDashboard.

JDashboard is a data visualization tool that allows end users to mashup components from the customizable Component Library such as charts, tables, crosstabs, or other widgets like Google Maps using 3rd Party API’s. Interactive elements like filters, sliders, cascading parameters, and drill downs can also be added to the dashboards for more advanced data analysis. Additionally, with the release of 10.1, JReport now offers more than 40 different chart types and a wide variety of chart styles, as well as support for both Flash and AJAX components. All of these new features including JDashboard contribute to Jinfonet’s continued focus on providing highly visual data presentations for more actionable decision making and improved BI.

Also during Q2, extensive testing was performed using the Amazon EC2 Cloud. The results showed that JReport is a high performing, scalable solution and supports public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms. JReport is able to be embedded, run, and managed in the cloud the same way as it would in a regular server application.

Jinfonet continues to grow our customer base in the Financial Services, Logistics, Insurance, Telecom, and IT sectors. The entire staff at Jinfonet aims to continue providing superior customer service and technical support.

Come see us in action by registering for tomorrow’s Webinar presentation on how to Seamlessly Embed JReport to Add Visualization & Dashboards to your Application. You can also learn more about all of the company’s Q2 accomplishments by viewing some of our exciting past press releases and blog posts!



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