Partner Highlight: Objective Software

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Objective Software, based in Germany, is a consulting firm that provides support in organizational and IT consultancy as well as software support and system integration.

Objective was first introduced to JReport more than a decade ago during a consulting engagement for Deutsche Bank where they were charged with creating an Intra-/Internet based product  for customer distribution that required reporting. After evaluating a number of BI reporting solutions, Objective determined that JReport would be the ideal fit because of the product’s flexible Java architecture, advanced scalability, and robust reporting functionality.

After its initial implementation of JReport, Objective found that more and more of its clients required a reporting tool for their applications and subsequently facilitated the integration of JReport into these systems. With the combination of increasing demand for reporting software in the region and a lack of local suppliers, Jinfonet and Objective formed a partnership to establish Objective as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for JReport in Western Europe. “The advanced flexibility and scalability are unique qualities of JReport for us to present to our customers” says Objective CEO Clemens Dannheim.  Features focused towards visualization such as JDashboard, on-screen interactions, real-time data view modifications, and a user-friendly interface are also key selling points that show clients all they can do with JReport he explains.

As a VAR, Objective has provided JReport to clients such as Bison, Coop, Esprit, Lufthansa, T-Systems and many more across industries like aviation, communications, clothing, energy, finance, and media.  Objective has achieved numerous benefits from the partnership including substantial revenue gains. Having a BI reporting tool has helped to shape Objective’s business model as it can now provide BI reporting and analysis to their clientele directly. Additionally, providing JReport has helped to lengthen the relationships between Objective and its clients via extended maintenance and support for JReport which reaches well beyond the typical lifecycle of a consulting engagement. Objective has successfully integrated JReport into the core of its consulting practice allowing it to bring clients more agile BI, advanced visualization, and seamless integration with just one tool.

In addition to Objective’s success, Jinfonet has also achieved great benefits through the partnership such as extending coverage of European markets and being able to provide local language support as well as more localized technical support to customers when needed.

Interested in learning more about JReport’s partnership with Objective? Read the full story here.

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