Webinar: Embedded Reporting for ISVs…Register Now!

Are you looking for a reporting solution that can merge seamlessly with your existing application? Then next week’s webinar is just for you! JReport is a leading 100% Java reporting solution that can be embedded in any application and can connect to any data source. JReport provides the flexibility to be customized as much or as little as you need.

JDashboard: Easy to Build, Easy to Use

JDashboard: Easy to Build, Easy to Use

JReport 11 brings even more advanced data visualization to users via JDashboard, JReport’s powerful dashboard reporting solution. With JDashboard, end users can easily create custom, highly visual, drag-and-drop, dashboards from scratch to meet their exact criteria for analysis without needing to wait for the help of a developer.

Live Charting with JReport 11

As we’ve mentioned already, with the release of Version 11, JReport’s robust visualization features have been enhanced even further. Already providing access to more than 40 chart types and styles users can now include live charts like motion charts, scrollable charts, and real-time charts in their dashboards and reports.

Introducing JReport 11!

This week Jinfonet announced JReport 11, providing users with advanced data visualization and a powerful dashboard system. One of the highlights of this release is live charting. Now, in addition to the 40+ chart types and styles already included in JReport, V11 is enhanced with live charting including motion, real-time, and scrollable charts.

Rich Visualization for Powerful Reports

Rich Visualization for Powerful Reports

Being able to express data in a way that is easy to read and interpret can mean the difference between success and failure when dealing with critical metrics. Reports and dashboards with actionable, up-to-date information are a major asset in business today and JReport is an end-to-end solution able to provide powerful reporting enterprise-wide.

Webinar Q&A: Make the Most of Your Reporting with JReport Experts

During yesterday’s webinar, we discussed several different customer examples of how JReport Professional Services has helped to take reporting in their applications to the next level. With customized support in implementation, integration, optimization, training, and more Jinfonet’s experienced team of developers is available to help you every step of the way.