JReport 10.1 Fully Supports IBM’s Cloud Platform

JReport 10.1, including JDashboard, fully supports AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server using virtual private cloud platforms hosted on IBM hardware. With this, end users have the dual benefit of IBM’s software to increase enterprise performance and JReport’s agile BI to help businesses achieve better decisions.

Explore JReport’s Architecture

JReport’s Java architecture takes advantage of the portability, scalability, and ease of integration associated with Java EE technology to provide a powerful, flexible reporting solution that fits perfectly within any  application architecture. JReport works with virtually any data source including user defined data, DBMS, Java Objects, Cloud data, web services, xml, csv, etc.

Join Us for JReport’s October Webinar: Top 4 Ways to Deploy Reporting in Your Business Application

We’re a little more than 2 weeks away from the next JReport webinar, presenting the Top 4 Ways to Deploy Reporting in Your Business Application. In this webinar we will explore the best ways to deploy JReport, sharing in-depth insight on the process of fully integrating a robust solution into your business application.

Quick and Easy Edits with Ad Hoc Reporting: Webinar Q&A!

1) Can ad hoc templates be saved? And can they be shared with members of my department, but have restricted access from anyone else? Yes. Anything that you modify or create as an ad hoc template can be saved, with the option to be saved in 2 different locations. Option 1: Every user has their own “My Reports” folder so anything you build can be easily saved to “My Reports”.