Webinar Q&A: Make the Most of Your Reporting with JReport Experts

During yesterday’s webinar, we discussed several different customer examples of how JReport Professional Services has helped to take reporting in their applications to the next level. With customized support in implementation, integration, optimization, training, and more Jinfonet’s experienced team of developers is available to help you every step of the way.

Q&A: Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting

Yesterday’s webinar covered a lot of great material, discussing the key benefits of ad hoc reporting and many of JReport’s features that contribute to advanced visualization and its easy to use ad hoc solution. JReport ad hoc empowers end users with the capability to create and modify both simple and sophisticated reports via a powerful Wizard, guiding them step-by-step through the process.

The Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting

Implementing ad hoc reporting functionality can be of major benefit to the entire enterprise. Self-service reporting puts the tools necessary to build a fully functional report and modify existing reports directly into the hands of end users so that data analysis can be achieved quickly, intuitively, and interactively with little to no training.

Dashboard Visualization with JReport

Dashboard Visualization with JReport

Want to create powerful, highly visual, interactive, dashboards quickly and easily? JDashboard makes this a breeze, combining intuitive on-screen interactions with a robust set of visual components for simplified data analysis. Using a Component Library prebuilt by developers, end users can simply drag-and-drop the components they want into place, including 40+ chart types and styles.

What are the Benefits of Embedded Reporting with JReport?

JReport is a leading 100% Java, embedded, reporting solution that can be seamlessly integrated as an extension of any application. Embed reports into your existing applications and get the information you need where and when you need it. Embedding from a Hardware Perspective Choosing JReport as your embedded reporting solution will allow you to leverage your existing infrastructure.

Q&A:Easy Yet Powerful Data Visualization

Missed yesterday’s webinar? Check it out on-demand or read through the Q&A to get a quick overview of some of the features covered in our presentation. You can also register for the next webinar here: Register Now! 1) Can an end user change chart types,  and how easy is that process? Yes, it’s very easy for end users to change chart types.