NorthStar TeleSolutions: A JReport Customer Success

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NorthStar TeleSolutions specializes in the management and support of voice, video, and data subscribers to nearly 100 telecom companies providing service to more than 1.5 million end users across North America. NorthStar’s Insite software helps service providers manage the customer experience in areas such as billing, software management, customer care and customer support.

To meet the demands of its rapidly growing customer base, NorthStar realized a need for a solution to provide extensive reporting functionality that could access many different data sources and provide their users the ability to power both simple and complex reports. NorthStar also sought a solution with robust ad-hoc capabilities so that its end users would have the flexibility to modify existing reports and even build new ones from scratch, independently of developers to free up the IT resources of NorthStar and the individual service providers. Because the reporting system would need to be embedded within its Insite solution, NorthStar sought to establish an OEM relationship with a Java based reporting tool.

NorthStar determined that JReport was the ideal solution to meet their advanced reporting needs because of its high performance capabilities. Combined with its 100% Java architecture , seamless integration, and advanced ad hoc and visualization features, JReport was able to provide everything NorthStar was looking for and more. Embedding JReport has enabled NorthStar to further enhance the quality of its customer experience by improving the data analysis process for end users.

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