Looking for More Agile BI?

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Did you know that approximately 66% of Business Intelligence requirements change between a daily and monthly basis? (Forrester Research) To keep up with the constant stream of information flowing through your enterprise, and the ever-changing demands of business operations, having a flexible, intuitive, and agile BI tool in place can significantly improve your data reporting experience. JReport provides all three, working as a flexible, yet easy to use BI framework that is quick to develop and deploy.

Flexibility with JReport:
JReport’s embedded Java architecture delivers a fast, seamless reporting experience. This allows users to integrate with any application’s business logic and UI as well as access any data source available to or in the application. Additionally, JReport is able to take information from these data sources and export to any format including PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, Email, etc. JReport also enables the creation of many different report types, including web reports, interactive reports, page reports, ad hoc reports, dashboards, etc. all of which allow end users to modify predefined reports for their private use and developers to easily see end user modified reports and end user created ad hoc reports and quickly understand the changes to help better support each of their end users.

Ease-of-use with JReport:
JReport is designed to be intuitive for both end users and developers alike. For example, JReport allows developers to fully customize their UI for business users, empowering everyone within the enterprise with intuitive and interactive reports using a native look-and-feel, thus narrowing the learning curve associated in implementing any new solution. JReport also empowers end users with self-service reporting so they are able to easily modify and create both simple and complex reports and dashboards quickly. This enables agile development by providing easy collaboration between end users and developers.

Agile Development and Deployment with JReport:
Because JReport can connect to any data source it can be deployed instantly “out-of-the-box” even when using advanced features. For example, to use cubes, JReport can build them dynamically without designing a schema or doing any data extraction directly from the original source data. JReport’s intuitive framework also makes it quick to develop for speedy delivery of BI to your end users via its intuitive Designer. Designer helps to cut down on replication when writing report templates making it faster and easier to produce them during the development stage.

These are just a few of many features that allow JReport to equip enterprises with more Agile BI. With JReport, end users can easily ask questions of their data by interacting with their report components and developers have the advantage of its intuitive, action-oriented design. JReport’s Agile BI framework drastically reduces the amount of time and effort to get the information into the hands of  your end users.


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