Live Charting with JReport 11

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As we’ve mentioned already, with the release of Version 11, JReport’s robust visualization features have been enhanced even further. Already providing access to more than 40 chart types and styles users can now include live charts like motion charts, scrollable charts, and real-time charts in their dashboards and reports. Live charts make it easy for users to interactively visualize historical data and easily discover trends.

JReport’s motion charts use auto-playable parameters to show for example, month-by-month changes to sales data over the course of a year. These motion charts make it easy for report consumers to analyze historical data, watching it shift automatically with just the click of a mouse. Another live chart type, the scrollable chart, is useful when there is too much data to show in a dashboard/report component all at once. Scrollable charts make it a snap for users to break data down into smaller segments for simplified analysis and exploration.

Additionally, when your reporting requires live data, real-time charts can also be used.  Real-time charts are automatically updated to reflect changes and are perfect in helping users to monitor application metrics, system performance, stock charts, or any other real time data. JReport allows you to use any data feed, such as a web service, to be displayed and refreshed automatically in a real-time chart within your dashboard or report.

Want to learn more about live charting in JReport? Take a look at this great new online demo now or contact to schedule a live demo with your data or for access to a free download of V11!


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