Leveraging JReport as an ISV/OEM Solution

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JReport’s 100% Java architecture allows it to be easily integrated into any application whether it be as a stand-alone, OEM, or in-house solution. Deployment is as simple as an EAR/WAR file dropped into your application and with JReport’s extensive API set, you can seamlessly integrate our reporting solution with little or no training. Reports can easily be customized to match the exact look and feel of your application using JReport’s CSS styling or through white-labeling features.

Because the integration process is so seamless, JReport is an ideal candidate for ISV/OEM models. JReport works with a number of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that integrate it as a standard component to provide reporting and analysis functionality for their customers. Depending on their individual needs, ISVs have the option to license JReport for embedding, bundling, or private labeling (OEM). JReport is also completely scalable to any environment and has been used in many large customer-facing applications, allowing hundreds of thousands of users to access their reporting.

IBM is one of our best customer examples for how JReport is being leveraged as an OEM solution in the market today. IBM runs a white-labeled version of JReport in three different products, InfoSphere, Tivoli TSOM, and Lotus Learning Management System. Tivoli provides data integration, data warehousing, master data management, and entity analytic solutions, Tivoli TSOM provides real-time security information and event management, and Lotus Learning Management System is a powerful learning management solution that can make training convenient and efficient.

Even though this is just one example of JReport’s implementation as an embedded reporting solution, it helps to illustrate the extreme flexibility of JReport that can be leveraged within these types of applications. More examples of JReport’s most notable ISV/OEM applications can be seen in the matrix below.

With a proven track record, a flexible business model, and the ability to scale to any environment, JReport is an ideal solution for ISVs and OEMs needing to provide their customers with reporting and data analysis features. JReport works as a means for ISVs to extend value to their customers without the cost and time required to internally develop comparable functionality and leverage their existing IT investments.




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