JReport: Reporting from the Cloud

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Looking for a reporting tool that can report from the cloud in the same way it would from a local database?

JReport can support multiple cloud platforms including Amazon EC2, allowing companies of all sizes to use powerful interactive reporting and dashboards. With this announcement, JReport customers can now deploy JReport to private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

“With Gartner and IDC predicting a significant rise in applications deployed on private, public and hybrid clouds, it is important for businesses to choose a reporting tool with the flexibility to be compatible with any cloud environment,” said Greg Harris, senior product manager, Jinfonet Software. “The flexibility to deploy the same version and build of a product across multiple platforms is crucial to organizations that see extreme spikes in demand for their services.”

JReport’s architecture allows it to be deployed on various cloud offerings in exactly the same way as a regular server, while offering high performance and scalability to accommodate the most demanding of applications. JReport can run as a fully embedded component in a customer’s application or as a standalone reporting service. It can be deployed and managed the same way as any Java EE application in a cloud environment without any additional effort or resources.

Extensive testing on Amazon’s EC2 cloud has shown that JReport scales in a linear fashion as capacity is increased by adding additional nodes. JReport offers a distributed architecture to provide load balancing, high availability and incremental capacity via clustering. Accessing the cluster is transparent for end users. The server cluster can tolerate any single point of failure by default, but can also be configured to tolerate multiple simultaneous failures. With the ability to scale to 100’s of nodes, JReport can support any number of users in any mission critical applications.

To learn more about cloud reporting, register for Jinfonet’s upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 18th at 2pm.


Note: This webinar is now available in our On-Demand Webinar Library

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