JReport: A Flexible Reporting Solution

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My favorite things about JReport are it’s flexibility and complexity.  Because of the complexity, we are able to meet most of our customer needs out of the box; because of it’s flexibility we are able to completely customize what JReport looks like and what it gives in functionality to each user.  This allows us to meet customer needs for capability and end user simplicity.

I also love that our team takes ownership of our product and takes our customers needs personally.  The entire team is focused on the success of each of our customers.  Our customers can reach us 24/7, they are well aware they’re our highest priority.

When it comes down to the competition, I often run up against the open source products. They allow limited functionality for free. In the long run, they cannot compete with our product, support and services.  We may lose to them early on in a new customer implementation, but I constantly receive inquiries from these customers when their needs mature.  We don’t offer a partial solution, when a customer licenses JReport, they have a team on their side. Our open source competitors do not even come close in that department.  We don’t compete as much in the true analytics market, because our focus is on reporting; not so heavy into the analytics.  I find that my customers are pleasantly surprised at the depth of our capabilities in analytics, without the ‘analytic price point’ of the larger BI vendors.

I hope everyone enjoys their New Years!

All the best,

Patty Cutchis

Jinfonet Software

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