JReport Featured on Solutions Review’s Top Embedded Analytics Provider 2017

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This week JReport was featured on Solutions Review’s “6 Embedded Analytics Vendors to Watch in 2017.

With end of the year rapidly approaching, reviewers look to rank BI vendors who have had the most exciting product developments. Solutions Review has found six vendors that have impressed them, and hope to watch their movement throughout 2017.

JReport in Review

This year, JReport has gone through two major releases which has strengthened the product in reporting, embedded and usability capabilities.

JReport 13.5 was treated with a major face lift to its user interface. The UI received a sleek, flat visual design accompanied with simplified chart navigation.

Along with this JReport 13.5 introduced a web property inspector allowing self-service users to customize their reports and dashboards with even higher precision. Self-service users can now more easily design reports with control over styling, object placement, spacing, and much more.capture(11)

Lastly, JReport 13.5 brought a great deal of improvements to customizability with expanded support for CSS and National Language Support, which provides language support in every facet of the product.

JReport 14 Changes the Game

JReport 14 carried on to make major improvements to usability. We brought our users a new fascinating way to create visualizations with Quick Start. It reduces the time to report creation, and simplifies the entire process.jr14quick

Moreover, it also features one-click chart conversion allowing self-service users to rapid prototype their way to the perfect visualization to present their data. One-click charts features a toolbar for almost all of our charts, and users can easily click each one to see how the visualization fits the data selected.

Additionally, improvements were made to visualizations. We introduced new charts such as highly customizable back-to-back bench charts, among others. We also enhanced embedded functionality with APIs for UI customization, SSO, external controls, and more.

We’re proud of these major enhancements and our 95%+ customer retention rate says our customers are too. Our major overhauls to usability, visualization and integration have allowed users to enjoy self-service BI like never before with any embedded analytics solution.

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