JReport and Cloud Reporting – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

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aws reporting servicesCloud storage makes it easier to store and access data with less installation, configuration and maintenance overhead that’s typically associated with on-premises databases and data warehouses.  JReport is a certified aws reporting solution aligned with data warehouse- and database-as-a-service providers for enabling embedded reporting, dashboards and data analysis on cloud storage.

JReport supports Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  Get up and running quicker than ever to start building your customized reports on data in the cloud!

aws reporting

JReport integrates with Amazon Web Services to provide support for scalable, elastic aws reporting and analytics.  Customers now have the option to run their embedded reporting and data visualization applications entirely in the cloud.  JReport runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides scalable computing capacity in the cloud.  JReport also supports Amazon Redshift, a fast, petabyte-scale data warehouse service, as well as Amazon Relational Database Service, a web service that makes it easy for customers to set up, operate and scale a familiar MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or Amazon Aurora database in the cloud.

Azure and AWS reporting

JReport is now certified on Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which is based on Microsoft SQL Server’s massively parallel processing architecture and scales data and compute independently. You can dynamically deploy, grow, shrink, and even pause compute, taking advantage of best-in-class price/performance.  Additionally, Azure SQL Data Warehouse utilizes the power and familiarity of Transact-SQL to easily integrate query results across relational data in your data warehouse and non-relational data in Azure blob storage.

Use JReport embedded directly into your application to immediately begin building canned and ad hoc reports and dashboards on cloud data.

Want to learn more about JReport and Cloud Reporting? Contact us today.

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