JReport 14 Makes Report Creation Easier Than Ever

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Since 1998, Jinfonet Software has worked arduously to provide embedded analytics to enterprises with hopes that the light shines on the dark, and people are empowered with analytics.

We closely listen to our customers as we meticulously design each new release so that we continue to make JReport a staple product in their technology stack while looking out beyond the horizon to deliver awe inspiring features.

That is why JReport 14 has streamlined the entire report creation process while providing enhancements to dashboards, visualizations, and integration.

Quick Summary of JReport 14 Enhancements:

  • Quick Start creation with one-click conversions
  • Partial data or full data viewing options
  • Enhanced KPIs, back-to-back charts, and chart formatting
  • API for auditing and UI customization
  • Batching filters and joins across multiple queries

JReport Streamlines Report Creation

JReport 14 introduces Quick Start, a new way for building report and dashboards charts and tables. We believe that wizards and guides for report creation, while straightforward, limits you in your quest for creating the perfect visualization.

With that in mind, business users now select the data they want to visualize from their respective data source and are presented with a chart. This works in tandem with a new feature that allows you to convert a table or chart into any other visualization with the one click.


JReport 14 One-Click Chart Conversion

The process of Quick Start allows business users to create reports intuitively and quickly while allowing them to rapid prototype so that they can find the perfect visualization to represent their data.

Enhancements to Visualizations, Integration and More

JReport 14 also brings enhancements to to its visualization and integration functionality. For those looking to create their own charts, we have improved the design process for the creation of charts such as key-performance indicators and back-to-back charts, for example.

Additionally, JReport’s APIs are enhanced for better embeddability. Report template and UI changes can be called through APIs by the host application. We enhanced the developer workflow in design such as allowing page report creation from BVs.


JReport 14 New Start Page

A new redesigned start page provides a host of short-cuts which is also navigable from any other page. We hope that we bring more life to our product with ease of use, tighter integration, and a visual face lift to our product.

Check out everything that’s new in JReport 14 here.

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