JReport 13.1 Now with Visual Analysis Integration in Dashboards

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JReport 13.1 is now available for download with new improvements and features allowing for even richer customization, seamless integration and improved usability. New features in JReport 13.1 include the availability for JDashboard users to embed Visual Analysis components for data discovery, support for EnterpriseDB, and enhanced support for multi-tenant SaaS reporting applications. Also supported is distributed table joins to allow data from different databases to be presented in the same dashboard or report component. Read more about the newly enhanced JReport 13.1 below and in the press release.



  • JDashboard now supports Visual Analysis components for in-depth data analysis.
  • Multi-tenancy now supports organizational admin control of organization level security and resource management.
  • Mash-up multiple data sources in a single report component.
  • Create runtime formulas for groups and aggregations in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • Support for EnterpriseDB, including stored procedures.

Richer customization

  • Printing options on server and client printers.
  • TopN or BottomN filtering of data values in charts by category only, series only or a mixture of category and series.
  • Download support added for linked BLOB data files (e.g., images, documents, PDF files), instead of display only.
  • Filter inheritance in linked reports from master reports.

Other feature enhancements

  • Easier JReport Server upgrade installation process with full backup and restore options.
  • Quick search and sort of data source resource lists in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • Major and minor sorting across multiple fields in a table.
  • Dynamic images (e.g., logos), labels and display names now controllable by formulas and by user name.
  • New Special Field called Report Path to display report directory path.
  • Page Break support in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • SSL support in MongoDB connections.
  • HTTPS support in XML data sources.

JReport 13.1 is now available for you to download and try.

Download and Try JReport

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