JReport 13 is Now Available with Geo Analysis and Performance Boosts

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The new JReport 13 is now available and enhanced with a ton of cool, new features. Visualize data on maps with Geo Analysis! With this latest release, JReport is an even more robust, feature rich, customizable Java embedded BI solution with a slew of innovative analytics and dashboard capabilities. Check out the highlights of JReport 13 enhancements below, and the press release.

Geo Analysis with OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps
• Available for JDashboard and Web Report Studio
• Hierarchical drill up/down
• Customized markers with conditional colors, sizes, shapes and labels
• Customized areas with conditional colors and labels

State Unemployment Northeast

Visualization Enhancements in Dashboards and Reports
• New HTML5 chart types: heat maps, scrollable real time charts
• New view modes for Visual Analysis: Fit Height, Fit Width, Fit Visible and Normal View
• Smart layout enhancements for Visual Analysis to automatically scale tick marks and labels
• Advanced filters with conditions: and, or, between
• Conditional linking to different reports, URLs or emails
• Connect to different data sources from one report
• Customizable data formats at runtime
• Quick search for easy location of resources
• Dynamic resource support (e.g., parameters, formulas, fields) in URLs

Performance and Scalability Improvements
• Higher volume Ad Hoc and Web reports and dashboards supported by JReport Server Cluster
• Incremental data fetching when auto refreshing tables and charts
• Performance optimizations for filtering a large set of dimension members
• Performance optimizations for rendering charts with large sets of data points
• Crosstab performance enhancements. (i.e., orders of magnitude faster for very large crosstabs)

JReport 13 is now available for you to download and try.

Download & Try JReport

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