Jinfonet and Amazon to Provide BI in the Cloud

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JReport Amazon Web Services

More businesses are standing up private clouds, deploying their apps and data to public clouds, or even using a combination of these in hybrid clouds. No matter which cloud model your business chooses, its essential for your BI solution and reporting software to also be cloud-based. The solution should be able to connect to data in the cloud while being easy to use, accessible from anywhere, self-serviceable, and highly scalable.

We have supported JReport running on Amazon EC2 for some time. As the shift in computing to the cloud gains momentum, there is naturally a need for an extended BI solution that could run entirely in the cloud – not only for the BI platform itself, but for the business data as well.

Amazon’s answer to the problem of cloud data management is through new solutions such as Amazon Redshift, which is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service, and Amazon RDS, which is a fully managed relational database service. Both of these powerful solutions are easy to get started and get setup.

With the seemingly endless amounts of storage that public cloud providers can offer, business data is becoming more complex, voluminous, and harder to manage.  Extracting the “gold” in this data through visualization thus becomes a harder problem. We’ve addressed this cloud-based data visualization through our partnership with Amazon. We now integrate with Amazon Web Services (specifically Redshift and RDS) to provide support for scalable, elastic cloud visualization solutions. Customers now have the option to run their BI reporting visualization solutions entirely in the cloud with all the benefits of a mature BI platform offered by JReport, and the security, elasticity, and scalability of Amazon’s cloud storage.

Visit our Amazon Redshift partner page.

Read our recent press release about our partnership with Amazon.

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