Introducing JReport 11!

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This week Jinfonet announced JReport 11, providing users with advanced data visualization and a powerful dashboard system. One of the highlights of this release is live charting. Now, in addition to the 40+ chart types and styles already included in JReport, V11 is enhanced with live charting including motion, real-time, and scrollable charts. With the live charts, users can more easily analyze data trends over time in their reports and dashboards via interactive, playable parameters.

Additionally, with JDashboard users can create and interact with highly visual drag-and-drop dashboards. End users can mash up dashboard components with existing report components, all accessing different data sources, into one unified dashboard view. Full reports from JReport can also be added directly to JDashboard in a tab or as individual dashboard components. Users can even pull in 3rd party widgets to their dashboards, like Google Maps, or any other webpage for convenient integration with external information.

On top of all of the visualization enhancements, JReport 11 will also offer improved performance. The new version is optimized for increased usability and is compatible with both HTML5 and Flash technologies. The addition of HTML5 will bring faster web reporting performance and easier integration with applications on all platforms, while still providing a highly visual appeal.

Want to learn more about JReport 11? Contact to schedule a live demo or test-drive it on your own here: Download JReport 11.


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