Introducing JReport 10.1

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JReport 10.1 has arrived! With this product release, JReport’s advanced data visualization features are easier to use than ever before. Providing many new additions to its already proven product capabilities, JReport 10.1 defines the phrase “cutting edge” by enriching business intelligence and web-based java reporting.

JReport 10.1 has more than 40 different chart types all of which zoom, scroll, and filter, in addition to providing views of custom data ranges and different line styles to make the analysis of critical business information as action oriented as possible. JReport 10.1 also supports both AJAX and Flash components giving developers the option to deploy in either format so that end-users receive the ultimate interactive experience with their data. Furthermore, the new data cache function permits reports to share information, contributing to better overall performance and even faster report outputs.

In addition to all of these exciting new features, existing JReport functionality has also been enhanced! Our product remains fully scalable to any application but now features a fully distributed cluster sever, configurable to tolerate N-simultaneous failures. JReport’s ad-hoc and web-based reporting have also been improved and JReport 10.1 now fully supports the Cloud environment with recent Amazon Cloud testing demonstrating JReport’s high performance and linear scalability.

With the advent of JReport 10.1 also comes JDashboard. This new visualization feature allows end users to customize dashboards through a mixture of user-friendly components and the ability to drill-down into the report information for even stronger data presentations and more agile BI.

To learn more about JReport 10.1 through a demo of the new product features, Register for our webinar, Wednesday, June 8th at 2pm! You can also view our press release for a more in depth analysis of the features mentioned here and stay tuned for more on JDashboard coming soon!

*Note: This webinar is now available in our On-Demand Webinar Library

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