One Solution, Tremendous Benefits: The Value of a Reporting Solution

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An Informatica Customer Success Story

Value. Value. Value.

We hear this word attached to almost every business intelligence solution out there. In fact, Brian Murrow, senior practice leader in IBM’s Business Analytics and Strategy, found that in his 20 years of research, value was a theme that echoed everywhere.

But what does value really mean?

Let’s back up for a moment and take a look at Informatica, an ISV leader in enterprise data integration and management software for analytics.

Some time ago, Informatica reached out to us to solve a challenge: how they could provide self-service reporting capabilities on their Data Archive product.

At the time, a dedicated reporting department attempted to fulfill the reporting needs of many users.


This was not working out for them.

They needed to reduce the report production bottleneck. It was causing too much inefficiency for both the company and their customers.

Informatica began realizing the potential value of adopting an agile reporting solution.

Mukesh Marodia, Principal Product Manager at Informatica, “recognized an opportunity to build more value into our customer relationships by providing additional capabilities to help them get the most of their data.”

JReport's Embedded Reporting Solution

And Informatica turned to JReport to do just that.

Using JReport’s APIs to embed the reporting features into their environment, Informatica didn’t have to worry about building a new reporting solution from scratch. They could embed our reporting solution into their product and deliver instant value to all their customers.

JReport’s easy-to-use interface gave all Informatica’s clients great range of use with their data.

JRepoInteractive Reporting Solutionrt’s drag-and-drop capabilities, database agnosticism, drill-down, filter/sorting and a multitude of other features to make their users agile and no longer rely on Informatica’s reporting department.

The value did not even stop there… 

Marodia’s team took their embedded JReport solution one step further—they began leveraging JReport to up their sales and revenue.

Introducing prospective customers to the company’s reporting solutions has proven to be a wise marketing and sales solution for Informatica.

Many of Informatica’s customers were using their own reporting solution to get the information they needed from their Data Archive product.

Marodia recognized more value with JReport to “create an entry-level reporting product that helps customers understand how our product works and the value it can bring to their business.”

80% of their customers no longer need a separate reporting solution; Informatica’s JReport-run solution more than covers their needs.

With the relevant success of JReport to Informatica’s business needs, the company is looking to transfer JReport to their other products to expand business and reach a wider range of customers.

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