Industry Focus: Learning Analytics and Reporting for E-Learning Software

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embedded reports and e-learning analyticsPicture a teacher at the beginning of the school year poring over lecture notes, classroom activities, grading sheets, diagrams, and more. Piles of paper are stacked around them, binders stuffed with notes and sheets. Then you have the student, hunched over their notebook and lecture sheets, trying to understand what the static diagrams in their textbooks are describing. They have piles of their own notes around them, highlighted in every color, but no easy way to test themselves on what they’ve been studying, until exam day.

With most industries turning to the Web, education has followed suit, creating the e-learning platforms that are now available. With e-learning comes many features that students, parents, and teachers can all benefit from.

E-learning software companies use JReport when automatic data tracking for grade reporting is needed. Using JReport’s dashboard features, e-learning software companies have created student and parent portals, where both can log in and check on individual grades and other learning analytics. Teachers can also log in and track their own data, including the grades and progress of individual students and entire classrooms. Being able to drill down into how each student and each class is doing can help teachers and school administrators monitor academic progress and areas that need improvement. Parents can also keep a watchful eye over their child’s progress, being alerted when their child needs extra academic help in a subject.

Using JReport’s embedded reporting features, teachers can log in and create reports on lesson plans, lecture notes, and activities. Also, being able to keep everything organized in the cloud can help teachers stay on top of their work and have easy access to the learning analytics information they need at any given moment. School administrators can see those reports and make sure that teachers fill in any gaps there may be.

With JReport-enhanced e-learning analytics software, teachers can create courses that are stored in the cloud, and use publishing tools to deliver their courses to any device. Using lesson plan templates, teachers now have more time to create better coursework and engage students. Courses can easily be added to, including multimedia to enhance students’ understanding of concepts and do away with static images and diagrams that may not explain details well enough for a student to understand. Teachers can also create polls, surveys, and quizzes to monitor their classrooms’ and students’ progress. Students can also see how they are improving and where there are gaps in their knowledge base.

By embedding JReport learning analytics, e-learning software companies can help teachers, school administrators, students, and parents keep track of lesson plans, grades, and student progress. Being able to fill in the gaps in teaching and student knowledge are important. With software that includes embeddable JReport features, it becomes easier to do this, all while maintaining that data in the cloud for easy access, manageability, and decision making.

To learn how you can embed JReport learning analytics into your e-learning software platform, contact us today.

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