Industry Focus: BI and HR Reporting for the Recruitment Industry

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HR Reporting for Recruitment Management Software Sourcing, tracking, and hiring job candidates demand a lot of time and energy. From registration to job placement, a recruitment management company works hard to keep track of candidates. Being able to manage a recruitment company demands major organizational skills, efficient access to candidate data, quick and easy updates to candidate and job portfolios, candidate tracking capabilities, and customizable reporting and analysis on candidate data.

Some recruitment companies may need to manage as many as 500 interviews per week. Fulfilling the headcount requirements for, say, even a single 20-employee retail location may require processing thousands of applications. Not only do recruiters have to track candidates across multiple job opportunities during the hiring process, they also need to store candidate sourcing data, such as whether they came in from job-boards, emails, career webpages, or recruitment outreach through LinkedIn. This valuable data tells recruiters where the best candidates come from. Spreadsheets are a common way to access the data but are difficult to use, difficult to visualize and can’t be integrated into existing recruitment software.

Recruitment software must be not only able to easily track candidates but must provide the visual tools to report on and analyze data while maintaining data security. Client companies of recruiters must also have access to candidate data and visualize that data without being confined to spreadsheets.

Recruitment management software providers thus need customizable, intuitive HR reporting capabilities for themselves and their clients. They often have no reporting software and their dashboard capabilities provided by other vendors do not meet their mission critical needs. Security breaches are also a real area of concern, since they store a lot of healthcare information, background checks, and other secure documents. Providers too often rely on static spreadsheets and documents to solve their HR reporting and analysis needs.

JReport embeds into recruitment software to provide the ability to drill down and analyze candidate data, including common use cases of candidate placement, employment duration, salaries, skillsets, career laterality, and contract types. Using data presented by JReport, the recruiters and their clients can perform predictive analysis of candidate-to-job matching, providing clients with a deeper level of intelligent matchmaking. Recruiters can now laser target which candidates are the best candidates.

Recruitment management companies must be able to drill deeper into the candidate pool, provide better candidate management and more intelligent candidate matchmaking. Embedded reports and dashboards vastly enhance recruitment software in an easy, visual way.

To learn how your company could leverage customized HR reporting with BI features, contact us today.

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