Industry Focus: BI Reporting for Freight Management

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BI-and-Reporting-for-Freight-ManagementRunning a freight management company requires a number of tracking and BI reporting capabilities. When these companies need to be able to report on freight logistics, financial accounts, clients, and carrier rates, they need a BI reporting solution that is fast, intuitive, and customizable.

A common frustration with freight management companies is the overall slow pace of their BI reporting system, which is a frequent end-user complaint. Recently, a freight company came to us with similar issues. The company manages freight systems, including vendor information, inbound/outbound freight, and finances. They needed a way to connect their data with their clients. Their BI reporting system was on weeks-old data, making their decision-making late and inefficient. Worst of all, their reports were static, so clients could not drill down to any details.

The company needed to report on fresher data, and create reports that would help identify areas of improvement, troubleshoot issues, or find new revenue opportunities. This would enable important dynamics of the company’s regular business, such as being able to organize and analyze data related to carrier dispatches, freight brokerage order planning, billings and invoices, as well as automating the load execution process and streamlining the transaction process. Not being able to report on those in a timely fashion was seriously impacting their ability to perform well in their industry.

Drilling down to details and ad hoc reporting for their users were essential requirements that they didn’t have. Their previous solutions had only the ability to provide static and canned reports. We provided them the ability to edit on-the-fly reports and dashboards, allowing employees to schedule reports with ease. Reports now also contain real-time data, making their decision-making more relevant on a day-to-day basis.

Embedding a customizable BI reporting solution into their Java platform was also critical. Integration with security and single-sign provides for an even more seamless deployment. Using their new BI platform enables them to aggregate a mountain of data into easily digestible visualizations, keeping everything organized and transferable. Users now have a portal to explore their data and create immediate ad hoc reports.

To learn how your company could leverage customized BI reporting features, contact us today.

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