Getting to High Performance Analytics for Enterprise BI

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dreamstime_s_2667829One of the major challenges with enterprise-ready embedded business intelligence and reporting is how to manage performance and scalability without impacting production databases, applications, and budgets. Users need to get right to their data and analyze them in real time rather than waiting around for hours or days.

Our recent eBook discusses these challenges at length, and we outline the main highlights below. We encourage you to download and read the entire eBook for the full details.

Powerful Reporting Engine

You shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars on dedicated servers or software to reach peak performance. Any analytical engine that is fine-tuned should be able to access millions of rows of data for thousands of concurrent users without choking.

Dynamic Queries

Visualizations tool that dynamically shape queries on-the-fly based on the context allow for the best performance. This is due to not accessing all of the data in the query, but rather retrieving only the data that is needed by the visualizations.


For those that need true power and scalability, clustering is the key. However, clustered systems need to provide the power to combine sets of physical or virtual machines into a cluster of nodes. Adding and removing nodes to achieve scalability should be transparent without requiring restarts, going offline or impacting users.


There should be no single points of failure in the system. If any server node crashes or goes offline, another server nodes needs to dynamically take over and fulfill requests without any manual intervention.

Monitoring and Management

An enterprise-class BI and analytics platform should provide browser-based monitoring and alerting so administrators can be notified if server or process health is failing or not responding. The monitoring tools should allow system-wide visibility into usage by users, queries, or reports. Management tools should display running processes and allow administrators to add or remove server nodes as required for increased performance and more efficient use of compute resources.

Read the full eBook to understand all 10 points to help you reach the full potential of enterprise analytics.


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