GSA: A JReport Customer Success

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The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the US Government working to manage and support the basic functioning areas of federal agencies by delivering products, services, and policies to its federal customers across several business lines. The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is one such business line carrying the responsibility of offering cost-effective, innovative solutions across government in areas like technology, motor vehicle management, transportation, travel, and online acquisition tools.

The GSA/FAS required an internal reporting solution that could be seamlessly embedded into an application and provide dashboard functionality to support its daily operations staff as well as GSA executives. Seeking a comprehensive reporting tool, with high performance, advanced security, user friendly features, and written in Java, GSA conducted a thorough scan of the market, evaluating a number of different solutions. However, after seeing a demo by the JReport product team, FAS confirmed that JReport was the best solution to meet all of its core criteria and more as well as to provide the quick and easy installation it was looking for. Implementing JReport has helped FAS to grow and contribute to the key operational goals of GSA’s strategic business plan, particularly innovation, by helping them to develop more productive administrative operations via technology.

To learn more about GSA’s deployment of JReport and the key benefits it received both from the product itself as well as from working with JReport engineers read the full case study!


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