Q&A: Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform

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1.) How would you compare JReport with the commercial version of Jaspersoft?
With more than 12 years of development behind it and because many of the same engineers who started developing JReport more than a decade ago are still acting as project managers at Jinfonet, everything with JReport is fully integrated and everything works together. It’s all the same project, it’s all the same product so you will find that within the entire product line everything is consistent.

Jasper on the other hand is a whole series of open source and commercial products that have been bundled together. So, for instance when you look at charts in Jasper’s commercial version you’ll find that there are two different open source charting projects not integrated with its designer very well. This method makes it difficult to use as compared to the simple Wizard for adding charts in JReport Designer.

Another example is JReport clustering. Completely integrated with JReport Server there is no single point of failure and everything works together right out-of-the-box just by enabling the clustering option. With Jaspersoft, again it’s a 3rd party product that you have to first install and then get Jasper running within the external clustering environment. Additionally, Jaspersoft does not offer the capability for no single point of failure.

2.) What is the process like to upgrade JReport Server to JReport Server Live then to JDashboard?
JReport Server, JReport Server Live, and JDashboard are all part of JReport so when you install JReport Server almost everything that you need is already there. The only difference being the license that you install. Since the license is the only thing that changes, everything that you build is compatible when you upgrade.

To change the license, all you need to do is run a program that updates the license information and then the Live and/or Dashboard capabilities are implemented without any additional work needing to be done, preserving everything you’ve previously built. This again is totally different than some of our competitors where there are very different, incompatible products that don’t use the same data sources and don’t use the same reports.


3.) How does JReport compare in terms of performance?
JReport has won every  proof of concept and  full benchmark test that prospects have completed by testing JReport against any other product. We are very happy to help prospects build a proof of concept and are sure that JReport will provide the highest performance of any reporting tool that you will evaluate.



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