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We’re happy you chose JReport. Here’s the story of our newest customer, Evologics:

Who is Evologics?
Based in the Netherlands, Evologics creates Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) software –entirely from scratch– that enables customers to drive their business to excellence. The current version comprises a number of modules including compliance, audit, governance, risk, incident, process, organization, performance and quality management.

Why do they need a reporting solution?
Evologics required a reporting and dashboard module that easily integrated into existing code, had a large number of features and matched anticipated high load demands, all while fitting within their budget.

During the development of the new architecture for the next release of Evologic’s GRC suite, R4 Extended Dashboard, it became a goal that customers would receive an integrated approach to information. With an updated dashboard module, customers would be able to monitor many areas of business with just a single view.

Why is JReport a good fit?
Evologics found JReport’s easily integrated architecture and scalability would perfectly match their requirements. Not only was JReport easier than developers writing code for a customized reporting tool, it was more functional and robust in its sophisticated reporting ability than the other products evaluated.

Today Evologics uses JReport as a reporting solution for company data from a Governance, Risk management and Compliance perspective. This includes reporting on compliancy status (to laws like SOX; industry standards like ISO, HIPAA, NERC/FERC; internal codes like code of conduct; shared values and on incidents, customer satisfaction, audits, risk management, etc.) Governance, Risk and Compliance key performance indicators are managed through JReport so that the data is readily accessible in a highly customizable interactive format. The information is aggregated on a dashboard to high level charts and tables that allow the user to drill down into all of the underlying actionable data.

Ad hoc reports allow end users to research their own data and view any level of data from high level dashboards to the lowest level of detail. By using JReport, Evologics’ customers can use self-service reporting to modify existing templates and create new reports and dashboards. With this custom feature, Evologics no longer needs to administer every report modification because customers are easily able to independently make these changes.

Business benefits of JReport
Prior to purchasing JReport, Evologics had been processing data and running reports for hundreds of customers on a homegrown system. This former system was maintenance heavy and required excessive manpower. “The total development time to simply code our own reporting solution would have been a year, without even getting close to the robust functionality JReport delivers,” said Jack Put, Unit Manager at Evologics.

Now that they are using JReport, the decision makers within Evologics’ customer base are able to make better business choices and spend time focusing on reaching business excellence in their respective markets, including automotive, construction & engineering, energy, food & beverages, manufacturing, trade, healthcare, services and transport & logistics. “The cost of releasing our new product is half of what it would have been without JReport,” said Put. “If Evologics had maintained its original homegrown system, the projected product release date would have been delayed by at least a quarter.”

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