Embedded BI for Your OEM/SaaS Application

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Saas Reporting ToolsEmbedding saas reporting solutions is the process of integrating saas reporting, dashboard and analytics capabilities into your application. By embedding reporting and dashboard tools, business users can work smarter through better insight into their business data. If you are a product manager, data architect, lead developer or CTO and are working on a project where you need to provide reporting and analytics capabilities for your users then embedded BI is a requirement. You could develop these reporting capabilities in-house, but that will present challenges if anything more than basic features are required. Read more about this in Buy vs Build: What’s the right reporting choice for you?

JReport: A Complete Embeddable BI Solution
JReport is a Java reporting solution that delivers highly customizable business intelligence. With its pure Java architecture, JReport seamlessly embeds into any application and enables you to differentiate your products by adding highly sophisticated reporting, dashboard, and analytics capabilities into your products and services.

Deployment category:
OEM: OEMs and ISVs embed JReport’s saas reporting solution into their host applications as product offerings to their customers. Since JReport can be white-labeled and fully customizable to your company’s look and feel, users experience a cohesive software application. Such applications are typically hosted on-premise.

SaaS: Customers embed JReport into their SaaS products and offer it as a reporting service to their internal or external users. For external users, this is typically offered as a paid subscription. JReport’s multi-tenant architecture allows it to be adapted to any SaaS framework. These applications are hosted on either a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

For either OEM or SaaS deployment categories, JReport’s flexible licensing can work with every customer’s unique licensing models.

See How You Can Embed JReport into Any Application

Why Embed JReport?
– Seamless Integration into your application: JReport’s front-end UI can be completely customized to match your application’s look and feel. Moreover, you can “White Label” JReport, so your users won’t see any inconsistencies.

– Access to Many Data Sources: You can connect to various data sources for data analysis and reporting. JReport can connect to cloud data sources (e.g., Amazon Redshift), big data sources (e.g., MongoDB, Hadoop, Cloudera, etc.) and any relational database.

– Single Sign-on: JReport offers all the administrative features that the enterprise products demand, such as single sign-on. Your users only need to login once to access your applications together with JReport.

– APIs: JReport has an extensive API set that your application can call. All JReport features can be accessed through this API set.

– Ad Hoc Reporting: Anyone can build reports and dashboards without special training or IT involvement. JReport makes it easy by providing interactive charts, controls, widgets and other visualization components.

– Ad Hoc Analysis (Visual Analysis): Users can perform instant data exploration through different angles to their data view. Read more about advanced ad hoc analysis.

– An Industry Leading Solution: Analysts have ranked JReport as both a Value Leader and an Expert among embedded BI vendors.

Customer Examples: Screenshots of JReport embedded into Visa and Passkey product applications.

Saas Reporting Solutions Customer

Embedded Saas Reporting Solutions


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