Easy Step-by-Step Ad Hoc Reports with JReport

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JReport is a Java based embeddable, robust BI platform giving end users the power to generate ad hoc reports on the fly with advanced visual representations that are completely web based and accessible on mobile devices.
Creating and modifying reports with ad hoc reporting is easy. (Click on the images below to enlarge)

Pick a Layout
We start by selecting a blank page layout. If you would like to include your company logo or modify the page look and feel, you can choose a template layout. We’ll use the “Blank” layout for this example.
ad hoc reporting step1
Add Components
On the following screen, we can add different components to the blank layout. For this visual representation, we have selected the “Top and Bottom” layout. On the top part of the page, we have added a bar chart component and on the bottom part, we have added a table.
ad hoc reporting step2
Bar Chart Configuration
For the bar chart, we can select a sample data source called “WorldWideSalesBV”. Multiple data sources can be selected for the same report, if required. In the screen shot, we have added “Total Sales” to the primary axis of the bar chart, “Total Quantity” to the secondary axis, and grouped by “Customer Name”.
ad hoc reporting step3
Table Configuration
Here, the grouping is by “Customer Name” with “Total Cost”, “Total Quantity”, and “Total Sales” as the table details.
ad hoc reporting step4
Run the Report
You can then choose a color theme and run the report. The resulting report would be similar to this sample ad hoc report generated using JReport.
ad hoc reporting step5

Ad hoc reporting is a powerful solution for self servicing your own reports, allowing you to quickly and easily create interactive reports on your data. Having a great BI solution is the key to generating insightful reports that will be of great value to the end users. JReport provides all the essential BI tools to allow you to provide an easy, powerful ad hoc reporting solution for all your end users.

Download & Try JReport

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