Drill into Business Data

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Having the ability to explore data quickly is key to being able to make timely accurate business decisions and visualization is centric to making information easily interpreted by all of your data consumers. JDashboard combines many rich visualization features and intuitive interactions to help end users analyze data more effectively to better manage enterprise performance metrics, diagnose business challenges, and discover data trends.

One of the most powerful interactions in JDashboard is the drill function. With this feature, users are able to start from summary views initially displayed by components to show broader trends and then drill down into more detailed views automatically generated by the summary components. For example if you’re looking at a sales dashboard, you may want to drill in to see a specific year’s data broken down by quarter or by month to learn more about the performance of products sold in that year. Getting a more in-depth data view can provide deeper insight into additional details the user may want to explore based on the more comprehensive analysis the drill down provides. This helps them to discover areas that need improvement and where enterprise goals have been met or exceeded. Drill downs can be performed on any component used in JDashboard including, tables, crosstabs, and the more than 40+ chart types and styles JReport provides.

Additionally, to get an even more granular view into your data beyond a drill down, users can also “Go to Detail”. The Go to Detail function provides even more information about specific pieces of dashboard data; for instance, providing all the contents of a specific invoice from a row in a sales table outlining total product sales to better support detailed data analysis.

Click the dashboard below to view a short online demo to see how JDashboard’s powerful drill function can be used to analyze data using a sample sales report

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