Dashboard Visualization with JReport

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Want to create powerful, highly visual, interactive, dashboards quickly and easily? JDashboard makes this a breeze, combining intuitive on-screen interactions with a robust set of visual components for simplified data analysis.

Using a Component Library prebuilt by developers, end users can simply drag-and-drop the components they want into place, including 40+ chart types and styles. Additionally, 3rd party gadgets like Google Maps can be easily integrated into dashboards using APIs. JDashboard also makes it a snap to modify the report view using on-screen interactions. End users can dynamically apply filters, sliders, cascading parameters, etc. or add conditional formatting to customize their own data thresholds for visual alerts.


Dashboards often need to show up-to-the-minute information and JDashboard provides seamless updates to operational data. Able to directly access operational OLTP data or connect to summarized data from a data warehouse, JDashboard can pull in real time data by setting an auto-refresh to update the data view at specific intervals. The data view can also be updated on-demand. With just one click, JDashboard will run only the database query to achieve the updated view, eliminating the need to define a cube or apply a star schema. All components in JDashboard can also be synchronized so that any changes or interactions applied to an individual component will be reflected through the entire dashboard.

With such a broad range of features available in JDashboard, end users are able to easily ask questions of their data, extracting just the information that they need. Empowering users with real-time data and the ability to intuitively customize their dashboard to meet individual data analysis needs, JDashboard provides a unique and highly visual experience for end users.


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