A Dash of JDashboard

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As promised, further information on one of the most advanced visualization features in JReport 10.1,  JDashboard, is here!  JDashboard is our new reporting dashboard that allows for quick and easy user interaction with data. This powerful tool has many features that let decision makers utilize all of the key information they need right from within their report screen to make difficult business decisions.

Some of these features include JDashboard’s extensive component library that users can pull from to create presentation ready dashboards in minutes. Library components incorporated into JDashboard can either be predefined in JReport, custom developed, or integrated from a third party API like Google Maps for example.  To make dashboard reporting even easier for users, the component library is set in a drag and drop format, allowing users to arrange dashboard layouts in a completely plug and play style but also provides a precise layout option for scenarios where developers need to build more complex dashboards.

JDashboard also supports many different chart styles and more than 40 different chart types, all of which possess the capability to zoom into report details using on-screen filters and slider controls as well as include a drill function for an even more detailed data view.  Furthermore, all of the components within JDashboard are able to be completely interactive with each other too. The auto-synchronization feature in JDashboard refreshes components automatically, keeping a consistent data view within the dashboard. JDashboard supports both AJAX and Flash components, which gives developers the option to deploy in either format.

JDashboard provides the most accurate business intelligence framework possible with all of its intuitive, customizable features making data visualization more accessible than ever before.

To learn more about JDashboard, Register for our Webinar tomorrow, June 8th at 2PM  EST or view our Press Release on JDashboard!


Note: This webinar is now available in our On-Demand Webinar Library

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