Customer Success Story: Knowledge Factor

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computerDeskHandWith education comes innovation. Educators are always seeking ways to help their students learn better and faster. Solutions like Knowledge Factor, which uses JReport capabilities, does just that.

Knowledge Factor uses brain science and cognitive psychology to provide personally adaptable reports to students and educators in a variety of industries. Knowledge Factor has honed its amplifier learning software over the past decade, providing in-depth analysis into a learner’s knowledge progress, tailoring content presentation to how a student learns best. Using success metrics that Knowledge Factor provides, students and educators can measure progress, and stay aware of any gaps in knowledge and weaknesses.


However, Knowledge Factor’s reporting capabilities weren’t always what a customer needed or wanted. Their original canned reports did not give specific users varied metrics; everyone got the same canned report. Once Knowledge Factor realized that their different customers analyze different information, they turned to JReport to provide the reporting and dashboarding features they most needed to progress their business.

Knowledge Factor was looking for a way to bring enhanced data visualization and access to their customers in a Web-based platform. With JReport’s interactive, drag-and-drop features, Knowledge Factor team members can choose from an expansive library of options to build client-tailored reports and dashboards.

Nick Hjort, VP of Product and Software Engineering at Knowledge Factor, enthusiastically disclosed that Report’s dashboard software called JDashboard “brings a new dynamic” to their reports because of how interactive and stylized they are. And with accessibility in any mobile device or personal computer, “customers and end users can compare” data and take that “deep dive into their data to get a more meaningful look at what’s going on in their environment.”

Because of JReport, Knowledge Factor has not only made their current customers more satisfied, but they’ve been able to convince new ones to purchase their product. They can also focus on selling a metrics angle to prospective clients, instead of relying heavily on the neuroscience behind their product. Hjort added that because of JReport features, his sales and marketing team members can now support all their claims “with high-impact data visualizations,” adding that as they’ve thought of new ways to visualize data outputs, JReport development teams were ready to help however they can.

Read the full customer success story.

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