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Q&A: Agile BI: Lightning Fast Report Development & Data Analysis

With another exciting webinar presentation having just wrapped up this week, we received many great questions about how to use and develop JReport to help glean the most from your data for better analysis. The answers to some of them can be found in this post! 1. Agile development often requires collaboration between users and developers in different locations.

Q&A: Easily Create & Modify JDashboard to Improve Data Visualization

This week brought more exciting news about JReport 10.1, our newest product release! In this version, users are able to easily create and modify reports using the new JDashboard feature, vastly improving data visualization! Yesterday’s webinar touched on many of the new features that JReport 10.1 will be bringing to our users and brought to life JDashboard through a live demo.

Flex vs AJAX – The Battle Begins

Flex vs AJAX – The Battle Begins

The epic thunderstorm that is the iPad launch has stirred up an old debate.  And no, I’m not talking about the tired back and forth about whether Apple is an evil empire or herald of all things cool.  Unless you have been living underground, you have heard that the iPad doesn’t support Flash.  This decision has relit the AJAX vs.