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JReport 13 is Now Available with Geo Analysis and Performance Boosts

JReport 13 is Now Available with Geo Analysis and Performance Boosts

The new JReport 13 is now available and enhanced with a ton of cool, new features. Visualize data on maps with Geo Analysis! With this latest release, JReport is an even more robust, feature rich, customizable Java embedded BI solution with a slew of innovative analytics and dashboard capabilities. Check out the highlights of JReport 13 enhancements below, and the press release.

Top 10 Ways to Visualize Data with JReport 10

Are you looking for a way improve data visualization across your enterprise? JReport provides many advanced features that work to achieve just that. With the new addition of JDashboard, a tool that allows end users to mashup custom components like charts, tables, crosstabs, and other 3rd party widgets like Google Maps, users can quickly and easily transform raw data into readable metrics.

What Really Makes for Agile BI?

Agile BI is extremely important in the Business Intelligence field and JReport has a plethora of features for quick data interaction and analysis within the new product update, JReport 10.1. For many of you, Agile BI means developing reports quickly and easily, and cutting down on lengthy development cycles as well as the constant back and forth between end users and developers.

Looking Back at Q2

This quarter marked the release of JReport 10.1, a product update that delivers many new features including JDashboard. JDashboard is a data visualization tool that allows end users to mashup components from the customizable Component Library such as charts, tables, crosstabs, or other widgets like Google Maps using 3rd Party API’s.

Q&A: Easily Create & Modify JDashboard to Improve Data Visualization

This week brought more exciting news about JReport 10.1, our newest product release! In this version, users are able to easily create and modify reports using the new JDashboard feature, vastly improving data visualization! Yesterday’s webinar touched on many of the new features that JReport 10.1 will be bringing to our users and brought to life JDashboard through a live demo.