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Join Us for JReport’s October Webinar: Top 4 Ways to Deploy Reporting in Your Business Application

We’re a little more than 2 weeks away from the next JReport webinar, presenting the Top 4 Ways to Deploy Reporting in Your Business Application. In this webinar we will explore the best ways to deploy JReport, sharing in-depth insight on the process of fully integrating a robust solution into your business application.

Quick and Easy Edits with Ad Hoc Reporting: Webinar Q&A!

1) Can ad hoc templates be saved? And can they be shared with members of my department, but have restricted access from anyone else? Yes. Anything that you modify or create as an ad hoc template can be saved, with the option to be saved in 2 different locations. Option 1: Every user has their own “My Reports” folder so anything you build can be easily saved to “My Reports”.

Top 10 Ways to Visualize Data with JReport 10

Are you looking for a way improve data visualization across your enterprise? JReport provides many advanced features that work to achieve just that. With the new addition of JDashboard, a tool that allows end users to mashup custom components like charts, tables, crosstabs, and other 3rd party widgets like Google Maps, users can quickly and easily transform raw data into readable metrics.

Quick and Easy Ad Hoc Reporting

Our September webinar is just around the corner, and this month’s topic is Ad Hoc Reporting. The powerful ad hoc function in JReport helps to extend traditional reporting by empowering applications with interactive reports via the Web, and reaching beyond the pre-defined, static data snapshots that traditional reporting often provides.

JDashboard to Debut at JavaOne!

It’s that time of year again, the annual JavaOne Conference is just around the corner! For those of you new to JavaOne, this is a conference dedicated entirely to Java, helping to extend education and networking opportunities to Java enthusiasts. Having regularly exhibited at the conference run by Oracle, Jinfonet will be present again this October, in San Francisco, for the event.

What Really Makes for Agile BI?

Agile BI is extremely important in the Business Intelligence field and JReport has a plethora of features for quick data interaction and analysis within the new product update, JReport 10.1. For many of you, Agile BI means developing reports quickly and easily, and cutting down on lengthy development cycles as well as the constant back and forth between end users and developers.