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Introducing JReport 11!

This week Jinfonet announced JReport 11, providing users with advanced data visualization and a powerful dashboard system. One of the highlights of this release is live charting. Now, in addition to the 40+ chart types and styles already included in JReport, V11 is enhanced with live charting including motion, real-time, and scrollable charts.

Dashboard Visualization with JReport

Dashboard Visualization with JReport

Want to create powerful, highly visual, interactive, dashboards quickly and easily? JDashboard makes this a breeze, combining intuitive on-screen interactions with a robust set of visual components for simplified data analysis. Using a Component Library prebuilt by developers, end users can simply drag-and-drop the components they want into place, including 40+ chart types and styles.

Easy Yet Powerful Data Visualization: Register Now!

Are you looking for a solution with a proven track record to provide in-depth reports for your application? Register now for our upcoming webinar and look no further than JReport, where customers have leveraged our data visualization offering since the inception of Java as we continue to offer one of the best Java reporting tool.

JReport 10.1 Fully Supports IBM’s Cloud Platform

JReport 10.1, including JDashboard, fully supports AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server using virtual private cloud platforms hosted on IBM hardware. With this, end users have the dual benefit of IBM’s software to increase enterprise performance and JReport’s agile BI to help businesses achieve better decisions.

Top 10 Ways to Visualize Data with JReport 10

Are you looking for a way improve data visualization across your enterprise? JReport provides many advanced features that work to achieve just that. With the new addition of JDashboard, a tool that allows end users to mashup custom components like charts, tables, crosstabs, and other 3rd party widgets like Google Maps, users can quickly and easily transform raw data into readable metrics.

JDashboard to Debut at JavaOne!

It’s that time of year again, the annual JavaOne Conference is just around the corner! For those of you new to JavaOne, this is a conference dedicated entirely to Java, helping to extend education and networking opportunities to Java enthusiasts. Having regularly exhibited at the conference run by Oracle, Jinfonet will be present again this October, in San Francisco, for the event.

Looking Back at Q2

This quarter marked the release of JReport 10.1, a product update that delivers many new features including JDashboard. JDashboard is a data visualization tool that allows end users to mashup components from the customizable Component Library such as charts, tables, crosstabs, or other widgets like Google Maps using 3rd Party API’s.