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DevIgnition Video Spotlight: The Best Approaches to Implementing Analytics

JReport made a strong presence at DevIgnition 2016, a conference for developers in Dulles, VA to discuss emerging technologies. Dean Yao, Director of Marketing at Jinfonet, delivered a presentation on developing analytics in your applications. Dean discusses the many options for embedding analytics into applications while outlining the pros and cons for selecting each approach.

The Great BI Debate: Build vs. Buy

The Great BI Debate: Build vs. Buy

Developers creating a new application realize early on that the application will not be very useful unless its users can see detailed or summarized data in order to facilitate better insights and decision-making from the data. This is when they realize they need powerful business intelligence capabilities that can deliver rich, interactive reports and dashboards.

Buy vs. Build a dashboard: What’s the right reporting choice for you?

One of the most common issues that we hear from customers needing an embedded reporting tool for their application is whether it makes more sense to internally develop a “home grown” custom-built solution based on an open source product, or adopt an outside commercial solution to OEM into their product. The answer to that question is not always immediately obvious.

Webinar: Embedded Reporting for ISVs…Register Now!

Are you looking for a reporting solution that can merge seamlessly with your existing application? Then next week’s webinar is just for you! JReport is a leading 100% Java reporting solution that can be embedded in any application and can connect to any data source. JReport provides the flexibility to be customized as much or as little as you need.

Welcome, Evologics!

We’re happy you chose JReport. Here’s the story of our newest customer, Evologics: Who is Evologics? Based in the Netherlands, Evologics creates Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) software –entirely from scratch– that enables customers to drive their business to excellence.

Reporting for ISVs

If you’re an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) looking to purchase a reporting tool, you’re likely searching for an integrated solution which you can directly support.  You need a one stop shop: training, support, updates, licensing, installation and manuals, all from one vendor.  Most ISV products start out with a handful of pre-defined hard coded reports that don’t allow end users to und

A Proven Solution, and About to Get Better!

A Proven Solution, and About to Get Better!

My favorite thing about JReport is the fact that it is proven in extremely important customer facing applications, at some of the Worlds largest companies. Major banks have chosen JReport to deliver information to their customers, and ISV’s including IBM, EMC and HP have chosen JReport as the reporting tool embedded in some of their most important products.