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Buy vs. Build a dashboard: What’s the right reporting choice for you?

One of the most common issues that we hear from customers needing an embedded reporting tool for their application is whether it makes more sense to internally develop a “home grown” custom-built solution based on an open source product, or adopt an outside commercial solution to OEM into their product. The answer to that question is not always immediately obvious.

Adventure Tour Reporting: JReport and Resmark Systems

Adventure Tour Reporting: JReport and Resmark Systems

Introducing Resmark Systems: Resmark Systems provides the leading tour operator software solution, RESMARK, which helps users to manage tour reservations and marketing initiatives more effectively. RESMARK gives users access to features that help to automate marketing communications as well as functionality to enhance online and phone bookings.

Webinar: Embedded Reporting for ISVs…Register Now!

Are you looking for a reporting solution that can merge seamlessly with your existing application? Then next week’s webinar is just for you! JReport is a leading 100% Java reporting solution that can be embedded in any application and can connect to any data source. JReport provides the flexibility to be customized as much or as little as you need.

What are the Benefits of Embedded Reporting with JReport?

JReport is a leading 100% Java, embedded, reporting solution that can be seamlessly integrated as an extension of any application. Embed reports into your existing applications and get the information you need where and when you need it. Embedding from a Hardware Perspective Choosing JReport as your embedded reporting solution will allow you to leverage your existing infrastructure.

Easy Yet Powerful Data Visualization: Register Now!

Are you looking for a solution with a proven track record to provide in-depth reports for your application? Register now for our upcoming webinar and look no further than JReport, where customers have leveraged our data visualization offering since the inception of Java as we continue to offer one of the best Java reporting tool.